Exploring Paths Beyond Wicca

We are a local group focused on creating a space for non-Wiccans in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) areas.

Why Choose the Fellowship?

What We Offer


Though the internet connects many Pagans now more than ever before, the Fellowship promotes the kinship that forms between people who eat, create, and learn together. 


Pagans of all genders, races, sexual orientation, and belief systems are welcome at the Fellowship. We do not tolerate phobic language or actions towards anyone. Though our focus goes beyond Wicca-based paths, we will never turn away those who identify as Wiccans.


Being able to prove a safe space for the purpose of exploring different Pagan paths is the primary objective of the Fellowship. Through monthly discussions, the book club, and our lending library, we encourage members to learn and grow, as Pagans and as people. 

The Fellowship exists to provide a community for Pagans seeking connection, yet who feel they don't fit with traditional groups.

Our Team




Vice President

Secretary & Librarian