Executive Board Interviews: Part 7

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of the Fellowship?

Cat: The biggest thing I wish to accomplish with the Fellowship is two-fold: one, to register it as a nonprofit; and two, to buy a building that will serve as a community center and the headquarters for the nonprofit. Having watched other similar organizations deal with issues stemming from not owning property, I want to avoid that as I hope the Fellowship can continue past my stewardship and serve as a resource for new and long-time Pagans across the country. My dream is for the Fellowship to become a lasting organization and benefit the Pagan, polytheist, and witch community(ies). It is a long and hard road ahead for this, but that is the eventual aim (of mine) for the Fellowship.

But that is the long term. In the short term, I would like to find a different location for meetings so we can have large groups meet and actually hear one another well! Sadly, though, most of those locations require a deposit that we cannot afford two or three times a month. But that is one of the next steps that I am aiming for, in addition to learning how to form a nonprofit and how to “formalize” the Fellowship for that status.

Kate: In the short term, I want the group to become financially stable. This means increasing our dues-paying membership. This would allow us to rent a space for our meetings that can seat more people and make it possible for everyone to be heard. 

In the long term, I would like us to have land. A place to hold meetings, for the community to gather and to provide safe haven for those in need. A place where we can meet in fellowship and discussion as a community.

Tal: [coming soon!]

Aleja: My short term goals are mostly: get people to actually contribute to and use the library, and pay their dues so we can finish the year in the black, and maybe have funds to buy harder-to-find books for the library. Outside of library stuff… I’d like a quieter and more allergy-friendly place to have our lunch discussions and coffee talks.

Long-term, I would love the library to actually have a physical home. I’m totally on board for Cat’s idea of becoming a non-profit and having a community center. I’d like both discussion and ritual space. I’d also like access to green space for gatherings, either owned by the Fellowship, by a member of the Fellowship, or through an agreement with another local group. (Ideally, I’ll end up owning a bit of land for a healing retreat space before the decade is out, but we’ll see!)

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