Bringing Race to the Table Reading Schedule


  • Introduction
  • Bringing the Ancestors to the Table by Heaven Walker
  • Understanding the Definition of Racism and its Power in Our Community by Crystal Blanton

People of Color’s Experience of Racism


  • Between the Worlds by Reluctant Spider
  • When the Goddess is Brown: Towards a Hermeneutics of Reparations by Lou Florez
  • Beautiful Black, Wondering White, and Shady Grey: Racism in the Pagan World by Lilith Dorsey


  • Native Appropriation by Janet Callahan
  • The Quilted Path by Stephanie Rose Bird
  • Party of One by Clio Ajana


  • Labels, Assumptions, and Paganism by Bethie Jeln Vanderyacht
  • Derailing the Conversation: Cultural Appropriation in Online Pagan Communities by Cecily Joy Willowe
  • The Black Witch by Mathew Taylor

Historical/Mythological Racism

January 2021

  • At Least Two Memnons: Anti-Racism Versus Tokenism in the Ancient World and Modern Polytheist Reconstructionism by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus
  • Marketing “Rad Trad”: The Growing Co-influence Between Paganism and the New Right by Amy Hale
  • The White Goddess: Racism in the Classics and Whitewashing on the Altar by Brandy Williams

February 2021

  • A King Concealed: White Privilege in Thelema by Zach Anderson
  • Ancestor Work and Anti-Racism by Rhiannon Theurer
  • Racism, Heathenry, and Frith by Ryan Smith
  • Beyond the Pale: Lifting IK and Inventing Identity by Pegi Eyers

Being an Ally

March 2021

  • Newly Revised List of Things I Wish White Pagans Realized by Xochiquetzal Duti Odinsdottir
  • Racism is a Pattern by T. Thorn Coyle
  • Facilitating Inclusive Rituals and Events by Shauna Aura Knight

April 2021

  • How to Be an Effective Ally by Taylor Ellwood
  • Removing my Color-Blind Glasses: The Journey From White Liberal to White Ally by Kat Bailey
  • Do I See Color? By Lisa Spiral Besnett

May 2021

  • Shoop! Transforming Stereotypes with Love by Erick DuPree
  • Paula Dean Syndrome by Lydia M. N. Crabtree
  • Reweaving the Web: Pagans, Privilege, and Solidarity by Claire “Chuck” Bohman
  • White Feminism is Part of the Problem by Lasara Firefox Allen

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