The Fellowship Beyond the Star (Fellowship) is a nondenominational Pagan group located in the DMV area. Founded in September 2013, our goal is to provide a space for Pagans of different paths to discuss and share their religious experiences and beliefs. We are an inclusive organization that meets three times a month for lunch discussions, book club, and informal coffee talks. Inclusivity is a cornerstone of our organization, and we do not tolerate bigoted language or behavior, including but not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.
While the Fellowship emphasizes our non-Wiccan background, we do not exclude Wiccans from the organization. Our main goal in stating that we are non-Wiccan is to assure Pagans of various paths that we do not have an expectation of background knowledge or experience with traditionally Wiccan topics. Given the general concentration of Wiccan teachings in the modern Pagan community, the Fellowship wanted to put this statement up front, alongside our expectations of inclusivity.