Our History

Angelica and Cat met via tumblr in early 2013 through a mutual connection and worship of the Egyptian God Anubis. After learning that they lived close to one another (Angelica in Central Maryland, Cat in Northern Virginia), they agreed to meet up and quickly became friends both on and off the net.

On September 22, 2013, they met up at the D.C. Pagan Pride Day event. Both lamented the high-intensity focus on Wiccan ideas and practices since neither identified with Wicca for numerous reasons. After reflecting on this over lunch, they agreed to form their own group for non-Wiccan Pagans in the DMV area, then named DMV Pagans.

The group originally started on Meetup, with its organizers thinking that would be the best way to reach out to new folks. After a few poorly attended coffee talks in southern Maryland, however, the two grew discouraged and closed the Meetup group, instead moving to Facebook. Again, there was little attendance and the group was small, but never far from the organizers’ minds.

In the fall of 2015, Cat and Angelica decided on a new name for the group: the Fellowship Beyond the Star, wanting something a little more interesting than the previous name. With that name change, they reinvested in the organization and began making plans for rebooting the group and coming up with better scheduled meetings.

The group quickly grew from there and now is regularly attended by six or more members for each meeting, with a formalized lunch discussion with a set topic, discussion questions, and resources shared prior to the meeting, and a more casual, informal coffee talk in the middle of the month.

We are happy to see the Fellowship growing and hope to continue to see new growth as the year goes on!