Our Team


Cat never grew up with religion; her mother likes to joke that she raised her and her siblings as “heathens,” though Norse gods were never a part of her day-to-day life as a child. She grew up with stories and tales told to her by her mother and grandmother, of beasts and spirits and the things that go bump in the night. Belief in ghosts and the fae was never quite frowned upon, and with a head for stories and various tales, she began to find a path through that avenue.

Spiritually speaking, her patrons are Anubis and the Morrigan. In the last few years, Cat has become something of a deity collector after a few ill-advised words spoken aloud have brought several new deities to her attention. The pantheons she works with include the Hellenic, Kemetic, Celtic, and Norse. Her path focuses on folklore and mythology; she is currently developing a path based on these old tales for the modern world and identifies as a historically informed polytheist and Pagan. Cat also identifies as a witch, studying both hedgewitchery and traditional witchcraft.

Though her religion is never far from her mind, Cat divides her attention between studying various foreign languages; writing supernatural fiction; kitchen experimentation; and playing tug with her two beloved mutts, Low-Key and Hera. She graduated with honors in English, minoring in History, Classical Studies, and Medieval Studies because her school didn’t offer mythology as a major. Travel has always been a dream of hers, and she aims to see most of the world in the coming years, starting with Greece.

Vice President

Kate is an animist, polytheist, and hedgewitch. She has been practicing folk magic for most of her life, but began to identify as a witch and study witchcraft 20 years ago. Her focus of study has been on hedgewitchery, traditional witchcraft, root work and folk magic. For most of her practice, she identified as an animist and did not work with deities—this changed in the last five years when deities came calling. 

Today, Kate works with Hera, Hecate, and the Morrigan. She works closely with her patron spirit racoon, the elements, and her ancestors in her practice. Her practice is ever evolving, and she continues to learn through both experience and study.
In addition to her work with the Fellowship, Kate helps facilitate a small Pagan group at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston, Virginia. She has led workshops on hedgewitchery and fallow times, and she is currently developing a blog about the intersection of physical fitness and witchcraft in her practice. She also enjoys pulling large stones up big hills and building stone circles with Stone Circle Council. 
Outside of her work as a witch, Kate pursues CrossFit and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and she is currently learning Dragonboating. She loves to travel and is often looking for new adventures. When home, she spends her time with her two elderly felines and planning out her next tattoos.


Alexandria Nic Bhé Chuille is a multi-trad polytheist pagan (Norse-Gaelic and Kemetic), and a modern urban hedgewitch. She has been a practicing pagan and witch for over a decade, though her path wandered through various traditions before settling down into its current form about five years ago.

Aleja is a spiritworker who has a close relationship with the Fair Folk, an intuitive energy healer, and a Reiki Master. She practices a number of forms of divination, including tarot, Lenormand, and runes.  Aleja grew up in a mixed faith household: her father is Catholic and her mother draws strength from her traditional indigenous spirituality. (Aleja is enrolled member of the Brothertown Indian Nation of Wisconsin via her maternal line, and her mother has also been heavily influenced by Ojibwe Midewiwin practices.)  Aleja’s husband Scott is also pagan, and they are trying to raise their toddler with both pagan and indigenous spiritual teachings.

Though she runs a small pagan business out of her home, most of Aleja’s day is spent being a stay-at-home mom to her toddler.  When she has free time that isn’t spent on spiritual or business activities, she likes to read fantasy novels, play tabletop RPGs, and dress up to attend Ren Faires and Fantasy Cons.

Former Board Members

Tal – Secretary (2017-2019)
Shannon Shaner – Secretary (2015-2017)
Angelica Martinez – Vice President (2015-2017)