Bringing Race to the Table Reading Schedule – Last Updated 2/18

September Introduction Bringing the Ancestors to the Table by Heaven Walker Understanding the Definition of Racism and its Power in Our Community by Crystal Blanton People of Color’s Experience of Racism October Between the Worlds by Reluctant Spider When the Goddess is Brown: Towards a Hermeneutics of Reparations by Lou Florez Beautiful Black, Wondering White, …

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Book Club: Ch 8-9

Part II Intro and Overall: Aleja: Thoughts overall? Cat: over a month since I’ve read intro.  Oh, okay, starts saying whole point is to discuss indigenous cultures and shamanic practices and compare to early modern cunning folk and I don’t know how I feel about that.  Cultures often have things in common, and in metaphysical …

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Book Club: Ch. 5-6

We started at: Ch.5, Sabbaths and Elf homes, p.84 Aleja: Endnote 42 & 43 discuss journeys into Fairy. I follow Ginzberg here: folkloric devil is a fairy king. Cat: Did my undergrad thesis on Sir Gallant and the Green Knight. Folklorist Vladimir Propp: reading a tale with folklore and Christian lore, proof that the story …

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