Membership Lending Library

The Library is a list of available books in a shared document in our google drive.

Lists of Suggested Reading are also in the works! Email us your favorite books and blogs on the following topics: Traditional Witchcraft, Fairy Faith, Celtic Polytheism, Heathenry. Or suggest a different topic!

If you have books you would like to add to our library, please send us an email with the title, author, and isbn. We’ll add them in right away!

As a reminder:

  • All lenders and borrowers must be dues-paying members. No exceptions!
  • Each borrower may check up to 3 books out at a time, for up to a month (or 30 days) at a time. At the end of the month, borrowers will have the option to renew for another month, as long as there is no one on the waiting list for the book. Those who pay their dues monthly will have due dates at the end of the current calendar month unless they pre-pay the following month.
  • Send an email with the subject line “Library” to request a book, to offer books to be added to the library roster, or to request a renewal of books you currently have.
  • Names of borrowers and lenders will be hidden from the webpage for your privacy.
  • If a book you have agreed to borrow is requested, the Librarian will send you an email and request that you bring it to the next Fellowship meeting, or otherwise arrange to give it to a member of the Eboard, if you are unable to attend.
  • If you have borrowed a book, please bring it to a Fellowship meeting when it is due, or otherwise arrange to deliver it to a member of the Eboard.
  • Overdue books will not accrue fines, but three strikes will reduce your library privileges down to one book checked out at a time. A book that is more than 3 months overdue (not counting renewals) will be declared lost and you will be required to pay for a replacement, unless you can produce the book at the next Fellowship meeting.
  • Damaged or lost books will require the borrower to pay for a replacement. Approximate costs for the books are available in the spreadsheet. Financing plans are available at the discretion of the Eboard. A borrower who loses or damages a book will not be allowed to check out any more books until the replacement is paid for. Three damaged or lost books will be cause for the removal of borrowing privileges, except in extreme extenuating circumstances (ie, a house fire.)